7 never-to-do things on Facebook to avoid the collapse of your business

Is your business growing too quickly? Would you like to have a lower income? Do you want to reduce the number of members in your team?

If you answered NO to these questions, learn the 7 mistakes to avoid on Facebook not to damage your business

When writing comments or posting photos in our social networks, we might think they will be an advantage to promote our business and project a professional image of ourselves, not taking into account that they may trigger the opposite effect.

Any mistake could cause the loss of potential clients and the damage of your business image. Which are these mistakes and how to avoid them?

1. Posting only about the business
We are constantly overloaded by information and, most likely, you are not the only person in your friends' page talking about business or promoting goods. If you only share information about your business, many could lose their interest and unfollow or even unfriend you.

2. Posting too much about the business
As we mentioned above, your friends' pages are flooded with all sorts of information and offers. Therefore, if you continually post about your business they are doomed to cause indifference among your acquaintances and friends.

3. To copy other people's tactics
The fact that some strategy worked for another customer, doesn't mean that it is a “one size fist all” tactic. For example, if a customer added some friends to a private group and some of them became customers, that does not say that you will be as lucky. You may not know what were the relationships between the customer and those new customers, if they met in person, etc. Speaking of groups...

4. To add people to private groups without their permission
Even those who join different groups in social networks may feel uncomfortable when they are invited to a group they don't know anything about,“What if it is spam or just something I am no interested in?” The vast majority would leave the group. That's why you always need to talk about it first, and ask whether they might be interested.

5. Offer your business in a private message without explanation
The same applies to private messages. Writing messages to people who hardly know you about joining a business is not a good strategy. It is not enough to offer the business, we have to get to know the person and prepare them for the information.

6. To offer the business in unrelated comments
What comments do you expect to receive when publishing a post? Of course, comments about the same topic. Incoherent comments may be considered spam and be directly deleted, besides creating a negative image about yourself and your business. You should offer your business to those who might be interested.

7. To impose or force
Forget about it. Forcing your opinion about the business to others is a wrong idea and we must learn to differentiate between forcing our business and being persistent when offering our goods and services leaving them a choice. When offering the business, they can make a decision without feeling forced.

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