What clothes to choose for Christmas and New Year? Tips from the Global InterGold

2016 it at our door. Since it is the Red Fire Monkey year, you should think of the right colors of your outfit to outshine everyone at the Christmas Ball 2015 (if plan to attend) and attract success to your life (definitely!) So, what to wear?

According to the Chinese horoscope calendar, he Red Fire Monkey is the totem animal of this year. So 2016 bears such its characteristics as intelligence and resourcefulness, while fire symbolizes major changes. 2016 is favorable for great deeds and making your dreams of success come true. This is the year of actions, when determination and perseverance should become your best help.

It is recommended to celebrate the Red Fire Monkey year in a bright and luxurious outfit. Speaking about colors, this year offers us 2 basic color palettes: natural greenish and brown shades, and bright saturated reddish tones, such as red, orange, yellow, and golden – the colors symbolizing flame and inexhaustible energy.

For the Global InterGold clients, it became a good tradition to use golden color in their outfits. It is a good choice, indeed, because golden always looks gorgeous. 

Outfit tip for women: golden evening dresses or other this year favorites: these are going to be especially topical at the Global Christmas Ball 2015. Outfit tip for men: for men it is advisable to wear ties or bow ties of respective colors.

Get ready for the Global Christmas Dress 2015 – the contest for the best traditional costume!

Within the framework of the Global Christmas Ball, the Online Gold Shop organizes the contest for the best traditional costume. Every client having attended the event wearing the traditional costume of his or her country, can take part in the contest and win the exceptional prize from the company management!

The Global Christmas Convention 2015 and the Global Christmas Ball 2015 are not far off! What surprises await the clients at the event? Which countries' traditional costumes will be represented at the ball, and which one is going to bedazzle everyone present?

Very soon we will find it out!

Read the conditions of the contest for the best traditional costume at the Ball in Saint PetersburgGlobal Christmas Dress 2015: Traditional costume contest at the GlobalChristmas Ball in Saint Petersburg!

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