What is YOUR favorite Global InterGold award?

In the Global Convention 2015 in Munich more than 100 clients received Leaders Awards personally from the President.

The exclusive Leaders Watches and gold bars in branded GIG packaging were handed over to their new owners. Global InterGold leaders are the main support and driving force of the company, and the management appreciates and acknowledges their accomplishments.

What awards can YOU earn for developing the business with the product of the Online Gold Shop?

More than 100 clients who have proved to be genuine leaders guiding hundreds of people on the path to financial freedom were awarded during the Global Convention 2015 in Munich.

Three leaders were honored with the highest award given by the company: Global Leaders Awards. These awards express acknowledgement and gratitude for leaders who achieve the 15th level or those who, according to the management, have shown an outstanding business performance.

During the Global Convention 2015 the management announced the updated list of Leaders Awards:

Gold bars. Each bar has a protective branded gig packaging.

Leaders Watches. These awards are issued exclusively in a limited edition specially for those who demonstrate their leadership talents developing gold business with the Online Gold Shop.

Branded gold pens.

Cufflinks for men and pendants for ladies.

Grand Voyage. Wonderful journeys on board luxurious ships for the winners of Summer and Winter Competitions.

You can be the owner of Leaders Awards!

Dream global and score new global victories!

Read the full article about the Leaders Awards Ceremony on the official Global InterGold news websiteMore than 100 clients received Leaders Awards on the Global Convention2015

Gold, the real money!

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