Missed the Global Convention 2015? Watch the best moments compilation!

Don't be upset if you couldn't attend the Global Convention 2015. Now you can watch the best moments in this short video!

Live the best highlights of the event at Ramada Hotel and Europe's largest Precious Metals Show in Munich as clients from 37 country did!

Watch this short Global Convention 2015 video now!

The photos and full article about the Global Convention 2015 are already available for each Global InterGold client on the official Global InterGold website.

The conference was held in early November but people do not stop talking about this incredible event. If you have heard about it, now it is time to see everything with your own eyes!

Enjoy the Global Convention 2015 in this video! The key moments of Global InterGold clients at Ramada hotel and the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show in Munich are here for you!

The full Global Convention 2015 video is coming! Read the details and watch the photos on the official website: Global Convention 2015 Munich: a new stage of the new gold era!

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