Global Convention 2015: the GLOBAL beginning of a new year of the Global InterGold gold business

About 400 participants from 37 countries. A summary of annual results that shape the prosperous future of Global InterGold clients. Speeches by the company management and top leaders. Prize-giving ceremony to more than 100 clients.

Discover the route for a golden future!

The Global Convention 2015 gathered a record number of participating countries in the history of Global InterGold conferences

A global business implies having a big number of countries of operation. The business with the Global InterGold product is carried out on five continents, therefore every event is attended by people from many countries. The conference at Ramada Hotel in Munich was no exception. 

“GLOBAL” was the brand word of the conference

“We don't have limits to increase our income, expand our business and grow personally. There are no barriers or borders,” said proudly Global iGold CEO Rubin Sipkoski “Our business is GLOBAL.”

The speeches by the Company CEO Rubin Sipkoski, the President Jens Krebs and the Director of Development Gyorgy Fuzesi touched upon the same subject: Global InterGold is an international business for people of any age and profession from all over the world. It is a GLOBAL business and a GLOBAL stable and reliable product, gold!

The clients arrived to Germany to learn the company annual results, receive their well-deserved leaders awards and listen news to advance to a new GLOBAL level.

What gives them confidence about their success in business? Read the full article on the official Global InterGold website and find it out: Global Convention 2015 Munich: a new stage of the new gold era!

Take action and create your future now!

Think Global – Be Free!

Your fate is in your hands. Let your dreams come true with Global InterGold today!

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