First news and backstage photos from the Global InterGold conference in Florence, Italy!

Gold business people from France, Spain and different cities of Italy came together in Florence, capital of Tuscany and cradle of Renaissance, to celebrate gold business prosperity in Italy and other countries!

This two-day event was held at Auditorium al Duomo, the congress center that helds the business meetings of the city, gathered 250 people, successful leaders and the company management among them. What impact did it have on the Global InterGold business in Italy?

Florence prides itself on having a prosperous history and becoming Europe's financial and cultural center during the Renaissance. On November 28 and 29 the Tuscan city became the venue of the event on Global InterGold gold business – another page on the history of prosperity.

Have you seen the first photos published by the Online Gold Shop clients?

Inspiring speeches by the management and leaders, conversations about business and gold, exchange of experience and idea, and much more!

This is just a tiny part of the Global InterGold event in Italy.

Soon you will find a detailed article about the unforgettable experience of the clients in Auditorium al Duomo!

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