First gold watches in the Global InterGold history!

Gold is the symbol of stability, reliability and luxury. A gold watch is a sign of the wearer's high status.

In honor of its clients, Global InterGold has awarded the most outstanding leaders with exclusive watches of stainless steel plated with 24 carat gold!

More than a billion wristwatches are produced annually worldwide. In 2014 this figure reached 1 200 000 000 units. The case is usually made of steel or non-metallic materials. Watches with gold are the rarest in the world. Only 4% of watches contain gold!

That is why the Online Gold Shop has chosen golden watches to award the best leaders for their contribution to the gold business. The Global InterGold Leader Watches are the first watches given as an award for the Online Gold Shop clients. These brand new awards, symbol of true leadership, represent a new chapter in the Global InterGold history

The mechanism of the watches is like that of the gold business: accurate and reliable, with an innovative design.

Gold watches have always been related to upper classes. In the 19th century, when first wrist watches first saw the light they were reserved for the highest classes - doctors, lawyers, financiers... These watches were a synonym of financial wellbeing.

The Global InterGold Leaders Watches show more than the time: they show the status, symbolize excellent achievements in the gold business and a spirit of leadership. Time is always on the side of true leaders when it is spent with Global InterGold.

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