The International Precious Metals Show not to be missed!

International businessmen and women are heading to Munich, Germany this November to visit the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show 2015.

This year, the two-day event will feature the presence of the Global InterGold Global Convention 2015 guests! Are you going to miss it?

Munich is a truly diverse metropolis that suits everybody's tastes – and in November the city becomes the host of the International Precious and Metals & Commodities Show, an eagerly awaited annual event both for locals and visitors!

What started in 2005 as a simple precious metal fair has evolved to become the largest gold and precious metals show in Europe that has placed Bavaria's capital onto the world map of precious metals.

This year, the highly anticipated event will celebrate its 10th anniversary in the MGV Museum on Thursday 5 and Friday 6. But most importantly, it will take place on the eve of the Global InterGold Global Convention 2015!

Therefore, every attendee of the Global Convention can arrive a few days earlier, enjoy a stroll in the beautiful historical centre, indulge in the best German gastronomy and attend this important gold show!

What opportunities does this Gold Show offer?

More than 200 exhibitors from different countries representing different companies will inform guests about gold trading; display exclusive exhibits of physical gold and even put some of the most exclusive products for sale!

Those who develop gold business and wish to give another approach to drive their business can attend the speeches of renowned speakers and presentations from companies leaders in the precious metals market. As well, they can participate in discussions and workshops with other international business people.

A unique opportunity to rub shoulders with colleagues from the gold sector, make international business contacts, and best of all, learn more information to run gold business even more succesfully! One thing is clear – this isn't going to be just a regular event!

Every Global InterGold client has the chance to beat records in gold business this November!

Be sure you don't miss either of these events! Register now for the Global Convention 2015 and bring your team! Buy the tickets now!

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  1. Can't wait for this awesome event!

  2. ¡No habéis visto nada como esto antes! Unos eventos son buenos, otros son fantásticos , ¡y la Convención de Oro en México ha sido uno de los mejores y mayores eventos! Aquí tenéis la oportunidad de verlo con vuestros propios ojos. ¡Gracias a los clientes de América Latina por ser tan geniales! ¡Sois increíbles!
    ¡Comparta y etiquete a sus grupos! No os perdáis este vídeo:

    #GIG #GlobalInterGold #video #gold4business #Mexico

  3. I'm already here! This show is fantastic! Must see!! I'm impressed! Thanks Global InterGold for such opportunity!


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