Jump start your business! 5 TOP KEYS TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS

Do you have the entrepreneur gene? Are you tired of working for someone else? Have you been engaged in business activities forever but none of them worked?

Whatever your case, if you have finally decided to build a successful business these are the steps you can't skip.

Statistics say that 90% of companies fail in the first year.

If you kept reading this, congratulations. You belong to a very small percent of people who do not get discouraged by simple statistics. You know that money doesn't grow in trees and are willing to work smarter.

If you want your business to belong to the 10%, these are the questions you have to ask yourself and answer:

Building a business from the ground up is as rewarding as hard. If you are not sure whether to build a business, chances are that you will give up when the going gets tough. Be determined to work hard!

  • What is my objective?

It is difficult to imagine something harder than take a step in the right direction when you don't know where you are going. How much you want to earn, if you want a stable source of income...
You have to plan short and long-term goals that will lead to the ultimate objective.

  • Am I surrounded by negativity or positivity?

We are not saying you have to avoid any person – just certain topics. Some will constantly talk about how risky, hard, or else is building a business - comments that do you no good. Other people instead, may leave their ideas aside or truly believe in you, and encourage you to follow your dreams!

  • Do I have a rock to hold on to?

The master and the apprentice” Finding people with business experience who have already made 100 mistakes and found the path towards success is key to pave your way, learn valuable lessons, move your business forward... and one day become the master.

  • Am I a good speaker?

From person-to-person communication to stand on stage with a microphone to give a speech, communication skills are a must in the business arena. The way you transmit information to your clients, partners, audience influences in their impression of you and your business.

  • How much do I know about the business?

Developing a business means being in constant contact with people. You will have to explain and talk about your business more often than you may think – and for that, you have to be become an expert. Arm yourself with all the knowledge about your product, working system, figures, etc. Every single detail counts.

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