Global InterGold Mexico: the first conference in Latin America!

The Global InterGold Gold Convention Mexico' 2015 was held in the prestigious business hotel Marquis Reforma in Mexico City gathering nearly 600 people from all Latin America and other places.

Read this short article about this golden event!

A job they love, meeting new people, traveling and earning money are the main basics for Global InterGold clients. Representatives of the gold movement arrived to Mexico and received a great stimulus to move their gold business forward!

For Jens Krebs, the President, it was the first time in Mexico! He arrived to Latin America to attend and speak at the Global InterGold conference!

How was the conference? On October 10, hundreds of guests from Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and other countries gathered in the luxurious Marquis Reforma hotel. 

They listened to the inspiring speeches of Jens Krebs, the esteemed Global iGold President, and Gyorgy Fuzesy, the charismatic Development Director. They brought great news for Mexico and all Latin America : the opening of a new Global InterGold representative office in Mexico City! A new step in the development of Global InterGold and its clients.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to lectures to improve the business development, new skills, etc. Many of the most important leaders worldwide such as Ostap Pechenyi, Lucero Blasquez, Gino Ferrugiaro and Antonio Buendia shared their experience, advice and knowledge with the audience.

And, as always, the best part of every Global InterGold event, is the Clients Awarding!

The leaders who organized the event were awarded with a free training course in the representative office of the Online Gold Shop in Zurich!

During the leisure time at the conference, several artists performed while the attendants shared their impressions and opinions about the event and the Online Gold Shop with the camera.

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  1. ¡No habéis visto nada como esto antes! Unos eventos son buenos, otros son fantásticos , ¡y la Convención de Oro en México ha sido uno de los mejores y mayores eventos! Aquí tenéis la oportunidad de verlo con vuestros propios ojos. ¡Gracias a los clientes de América Latina por ser tan geniales! ¡Sois increíbles!
    ¡Comparta y etiquete a sus grupos! No os perdáis este vídeo:

    #GIG #GlobalInterGold #video #gold4business #‎Mexico

  2. You haven't seen anything like this before! The conference in Mexico was a real hit! Nice going!


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