Top 6 golden items worth buying instead of the Apple Watch

One of the revolutionary inventions of our century is the Apple Watch. Nonetheless no single technology can stand the test of time - they all end up being outdated. Very few products can pride themselves of having stood this hard test, being gold the one with the best grades.

What golden items can you buy instead of an Apple Watch to build a safe financial future?

Apple Watches have three variants: the most economical Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and the most luxurious one, Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Sport prices range from $349 to $399. What golden items can be bought in this range of prices? For instance you could buy eight pairs of 18-carat Tear Drop earrings, or any other jewel that suits your taste.

Apple Watch prices range from $549 to $1099, an amount for which could be purchased any sort of golden items, including the most eccentric objects such as a $500 worth golden toothpick. However, the most bizarre and interesting collection of golden items is worthless unless it helps build a safe financial future owing to the financial properties of this precious metal.

The Apple Watch Edition value varies from $10,000 to $17,000. What can't you choose if you have this amount? From a luxurious Swiss watch to $14,995 worth ear buds for music lovers. For fishing lovers, there is a golden fishing lure worth $1,450 without forgetting about golf enthusiasts who can enjoy an exclusive golf tee at the cost of $2,400.

But, how to really find a reliable way to protect your capital with golden items?

Global InterGold: how to spend little and earn much?

Golden items have always been and continue to be popular. They are both beautiful and elegant, and most importantly, the purchase of gold is a reliable way to protect one's capital. People aware of this fact know that the best way to save and multiply their capital with the help of gold is to buy gold bars.

On the website of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, which sells highly qualitative investment gold bars, you will find all necessary information about the buying of gold bars to ensure your financial freedom and prosperity.

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