Hugh Power: the power of buying gold

Would you enjoy eating from a golden plate? Reading a book wearing golden glasses? This opportunity exists!

Read the article and find out where to find different items made of the precious metal and how to buy them!

If there would be a king Midas nowadays, that would be the jewelry designer and businessman Hugh Power, the House of Solid Gold founder, an online jewelry store. Miracles happen in the House of Solid Gold: ordinary things turn into golden valuable objects.

There one can find a variety of items: from ear buds of $14.995, reading glasses for $75,000 to a gold-plated football $375,000 worth. The pride of the designer is a mountain bike plated with 24-carat gold worth $500,000.

Golden objects do not have just material value, also sentimental value. Power is sure that people always remember those who gave them golden presents.

The designer has a point there. Gold has always been valuable judging upon historical, cultural and financial traditions. Online shops are a contemporary way of bringing new life to old traditions.

The old tradition of buying gold to ensure a stable and prosperous future is now available for people worldwide through a modern online gold shop. Global InterGold is the Online Gold Shop which product are gold bars of the highest quality and purity.

Do you want more precise information? Welcome to the official website:

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