How to be on the safe side with short-term gold market fluctuations

The global market is indeed a box of surprises. When you open the newspaper in the morning, you never know what new event in the world will influence your investments, whether for better or worse. How to ride out the storm of short-term changes and benefit in the long run?

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First of all, it should not be forgotten that gold is a solid long-term investment. It is very difficult to foretell what will happen to the prices of the yellow metal within the next few days as they tend to fluctuate often. Given this, short-term fluctuations do not speak of its real position on the market.

Experts suggest to follow the deliberate strategy to stop worrying about small issues such as daily or weekly $10 ups and downs, and focus instead on more important issues such as those which can have a permanent impact on gold prices, like national debts.

Another advice is to learn from history. Those who want to benefit from gold should read about the events that have had a profound impact on the prices of the precious metal. One of the examples is the Carter Administration when the gold price skyrocketed from $100 to $800 per ounce.

Further, there is such an important issue as demand vs supply correlation. How exactly does it work on gold? It is quite simple. For example, in the world now there is one country that has compelled the attention of the world and its growing economy, China. Since the economy of the Asian Giant keeps growing, the standard of living keeps growing along, consequently, people can afford to buy more. In case of China it is especially influential for gold prices, as this country has a deep cultural connection with gold.

In general, worries about temporary gold price fluctuations are superfluous. One should think globally and understand the overall concept of the value of gold.

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