Family gold business: family finds a gold treasure!

Nothing is impossible for a willing mind. That was the motto that moved a family of treasure hunters from Florida to go in search of gold. And their efforts were rewarded!

Read this piece of fresh news and learn how it is possible to succeed if one works hard!

For several years, the Schmitt family has been trying to find the gold that disappeared after the wreck of a Spanish flagship. A few time ago, they found a twelve-meter chain and 51 coins made of gold for a total of $1 000 000.

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The Schmitts are professional treasure hunters. It is not the first time they find a gold treasure, they have already found another a golden chain at the total length of 15 meters, jewels and coins made of gold valued at $300 000.

The treasure was discovered near the Fort Pierce, not far from Miami. Why did the treasure hunters choose exactly this place? In 1715 eleven Spanish ships, which carried golden treasures, wrecked in that coast, which centuries later has awakened the interest of many treasure hunters like this family.

A significant area of water now belongs to Fleet- Queens Jewels, a company which focuses on studying this particular historical event and exploring this particular area. However, there are also individual treasure hunters which rent smaller areas for individual search. So did the Schmitt family and succeeded in their endeavour.

In this way, it is possible to achieve goals and succeed in gold business. What are other opportunities for people who are interested in the world of gold and who want to earn money?

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