Follow the golden rabbit!

Gold has always been covered in an aura of mystery. The story told in this article serves as an example of how valuable gold is and how strongly do people wish to get it.

They say that those who have read the story about the golden rabbit have started attracting gold and money to their lives...

This amazing story started with the publishing of the children's book “Masquerade” in 1979 by the English writer Kit Williams. At first sight is an ordinary book, but nothing is further from the truth.

The book told the story of a rabbit who had to give gold as a gift to the Sun, but he lost it on its way. What's curious about the book is that the author made a big golden pendant in the shape of a rabbit and hid it, leaving hints to its location in the illustrations of the book.

In no time, hundreds of people rushed to look for the treasure, although nobody succeeded in finding the rabbit. Only two years later, a man called Thomas Kent had the luck to become the owner of the treasure, except for that luck was a friend of William who told him the exact location of the golden rabbit.

The writer was sad the prize had been won in an unfair way, but nothing could be done. Only, by a coincidence of destiny, after several years a niece of the person who bought the rabbit at an auction from Thomas contacted the writer's descendants via BBC channel.

Apart from the English book, there is an Italian version which also contains hints for finding the location of another gold treasure in Italy. This time, the prize was won in a fair play, and the winner overcame difficult obstacles before getting to the golden treasure.

This story is a brilliant illustration of the fact that the intention to obtain gold is not something of the past, on the contrary, but also today's trend. The only difference is in the fact that nowadays people prefer to care about their financial welfare and buy gold in the form of bars instead of seeking for adventures.

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