Chest of gold bars found in Germany

Are gold treasures something of the past? By no means. Recently a chest of gold bars has been found in Germany!

Who is the owner of this treasure and what is its cost? Find the details in the news article!

Where is it better to store gold bars?

Some people prefer to safeguard their gold bars in banks or professional storages, others keep their gold at home, commonly said under the mattress, but others appear to be much more creative, perhaps with a sense of adventure, and bury chests of gold underground.

Breaking news from Germany reported the unusual finding discovered during the construction in a private land in the southern state of Bavaria. When the excavator started to demolish an old wall, the builders noticed gold bars with the title “Swiss Bank” on them.

The builders called the police, which in turn called the media were it was reported that the cost of this treasure was nearly 1 000 000 euros. The precious finding was confiscated by the city police, but later on the owner of the land was given the permit to store the gold until the details of the matter are found. At the moment, there is no information about the rightful owner of the gold bars' chest, but the police is working on it.

Many people now wonder, and many could maybe take action, whether there is more gold buried under that land. However, it is not worth hoping to find a chest of gold. Those who really want a treasure for themselves can easily build it with investment gold bars of the highest quality and fineness provided by the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop.

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