How to get down to work?

All of us are familiar with a cozy & sleepy laziness which embraces us with a blanket and makes us watch another episode of a favorite series. Ancient people could not even imagine such a luxury: what laziness can we talk about, if predators couldn’t wait to kill them if only those gaped a bit.

Life has become calmer, safer, and much more relaxed. How to get yourself together and beat laziness?

There is no perfect time management system

Almost any successful person can boast with some special time management tips. But the thing is that the universal system suitable for everyone DOES NOT EXIST.

Yes, many schemes and rules have been invented, and the major task is to find exactly the ones working personally for you. There are hundreds of options though: starting the day with the most unpleasant (or pleasant) duties, working in 20-minute work-and-rest sessions, listening to your biological rhythms...

Remember: if you’ve tried one of these systems and it didn’t work, it doesn’t mean that it’s lame. Most likely, you just need to try another one or maybe even come up with your own!

The biggest hurdle is to get started

A wise man said: "To think is easy. To act is difficult”. The first step is always hard, especially if you give a shot to something new and unknown.  

But if you can overcome procrastination, it will be in your power to change the whole world. It's not a joke: everyone who made history had gone through it!

And don’t wait for the right time to start: it will never come!

You are not able to manage it all at once

You’d better do one thing well than a dozen badly. The speed of execution shouldn’t disrupt the quality of work, and the desire to do everything quickly shall not get you into the abyss of stress and eternal discontent with yourself.

Allow yourself to work at a convenient pace, achieve goals in turn, don’t get too much into multitasking. Build a long-term plan for weeks and months ahead and move on it in the manner that suits you best.

But don’t you dare stop!

The less distraction, the better

Here, the main danger lies in the face of the best friend of a modern man: the Internet. By opening unlimited opportunities for development and action, it is a perfect place for procrastination.

Each of us has accounts on several social networks, and you can imagine what might happen if you get distracted by every message or notification. At the same time, the Internet is not the only enemy of concentration, so develop your workflow by taking into account the maximum focus.

And now the main secret: if you feel that you need to rest, do it with no guilt!

Listen to yourself, act decisively, and achieve success!

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