13 Things Mentally Strong People Never, Ever Do

Today, we will talk about the book of social worker and psychotherapist Amy Morin and her rules that help combat destructive stereotypes and thoughts.

Amy Morin survived the loss of her loved ones. While overcoming this difficult period, she noticed some negative habits that hampered her path. That is how Amy got encouraged to formulate her values and write a book, where she described the 13 rules one needs to know to move forward.

1. Don’t worry about things you can’t control

We often spend time on unpleasant thoughts about what happened or might happen. But if you constantly complain about fate being mean to you, you risk getting bogged down in negativity, anger and aggression.

It is important to learn how to react properly to failures which happen due to the circumstances you can’t change. Get yourself up off the ground!

2. Don’t let others take control over yourself

We waste our energy and time worrying about what others think about our actions. If you feel that others push you by telling you what to do, you have most probably become a victim of manipulators.

You can always become stronger in defending your opinion. Put on taking care of yourself and your feelings!

3. Don’t be indecisive

Sometimes life forces you to step out of the comfort zone. The craving for convenience slows people down, makes them afraid of moving towards the new, and chains them with obsession about the past.

Assess the risks, analyze the situation, overcome fear and take the first step.

4. Don’t be afraid of mistakes

Often people give up after failing even once: they can’t accept that things sometimes go wrong, especially in the beginning.

Force yourself to keep moving towards the goal despite any setbacks. Don’t focus on failures and don’t be afraid of trying it all over again.

5. Don’t ignore mistakes

Instead of constantly thinking about the past, draw conclusions and learn from them. Look back but only to make sure that you go in the right direction and don’t repeat unsuccessful behavior patterns.

6. Don’t poison your life yourself

Admit it, you sometimes surf beautiful pictures of rich and successful people, don’t you? Do you torture yourself by thinking why others have something that you don’t? Such actions nurture uncertainty sooner that you can imagine.

Evaluate your priorities and opportunities, and decide whether you’d rather hard work and reach what you want or just envy with disappointment as the only outcome.

7. Don’t underestimate your power

Indignance, anger, and envy are all about pain and weakness. Negative pulls you back and prevents progress.

Strive to switch to what is important. Learn your strengths and keep reminding yourself about them.

8. Don’t stop asking yourself questions

There is excellent practical advice. In a controversial situation, ask yourself: "What would a strong person do if walked in my shoes?"

You will always find a hundred reasons to procrastinate. Find answers to questions that will prompt you to act. And having fulfilled the set goals, you will experience immense satisfaction.

9. Don’t fixate on the past

Our past makes the stories that we tell ourselves. But if you focus on it too often, it inhibits the new. Take the best from the past: anything valuable and important to help you build a successful future.

10. Don’t expect others to owe you

Sounds harsh, but in this world no one lives for you only: each person has his or her own goals and objectives. Learn to be independent, to feel the freedom, and to cope with any tasks on your own.

11. Don’t hate silence, enjoy it

Being lonely is not the same as being alone. Some people are very afraid of being ‘left outside alone’, face-to-face with their thoughts. But why not!

If you can hardly endure the silence, try to use this time to understand yourself. When you are on your own, you can listen to your heart and find answers to the most important questions.

12. Don’t feel sorry for yourself

You are not a poor little thing, but you need to learn this yourself. Instead of wasting your energy on nagging, make an effort to change something for the better and find solutions.

13. Don’t rush, don’t push

Did you ever get extremely nervous while waiting for a call? Have you endlessly checked your inbox waiting for the email? But you can’t change the time flow: what you do is exhausting yourself with stress.

Everything happens when it is meant to. Just turn your attention to something else, and the long-awaited answer will not take long.

Let these 13 rules of mentally strong people help you on the way to success!

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