[Successful Teamwork] 6 Things to Know about your Team

Michael Jordan once said:"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligenсe win championships."

So, what do you have to know about your team to win the Gold Business League?

# Not everyone will work as much as you do

One of the greatest advantages of our business is that each client sets his own goals. That means that some people will work part-time: maybe because they just want to earn additional income or haven't quit their traditional job. And that's ok!

# YES to Leaders – NO to Bosses

Most people love this business because there is no boss: you fulfill your own dreams and not somebody else's, you choose your working schedule and place, how much money you earn... YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!

But at the same time, people (particularly those without working experience) need guidance. They need someone to look up to, someone inspiring by their side: they need a leader.

So remember that a leader has to lead. Don't boss around!

# Encouragement & Support

Some people will need more support and motivation than others. And very often, people will not be able to count on the support of their family or friends, so they will rely on you instead.

Once they realize their potential and achieve their first goal, they will be much more motivated to continue moving forward!

# They need experience and training

Very few newcomers will have previous experience in this type of business. At first, everyone needs to learn the working system as well as your help to take the first steps. Training requires time and patience, but it is all worth it when they become great leaders!

They don't even know that yet but, they all have a great inner potential!

# Money doesn't grow on trees

There will be a few people who don't understand that: they want to make money without doing anything and complain if after two weeks they haven't earned a thousand euros.

Help them understand that our money isn't a gift, but a reward – if you want to make money, you have to work. As simple as that.

# They are good people

People in our business have a heart of gold. In fact, many have joined the business only to help their relatives and friends financially. Moreover, they are always willing to help thousands of families directly (by inviting them to the business), and indirectly (by donating to charity).

They are lovable so, love them!

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