How to stop consumerism and live a full life?

Coffee on the way, stressful rush hours, office routine, an episode or two of another TV-show in the evening, and the next day, it will be exactly the same… Does the story of a groundhog day ring a bell?

Our society is a society of consumers. Modern life is a merry-go-round: we ride it while keeping track of those ahead and don’t realize that we are going round in circles. School, university, work, mortgage, retirement... This life program seems fine and logical, but it only proves that we are all elements of one consumer system.

What does the consumer system imply?

Most of the population works to pay bills, clear their debts and entertain themselves. Many do not even try to change something in their lives in order to earn more, strive for new achievements, and set new goals. Fast food and the Internet often meet the vision of comfort and a good life for many.

What is the difference between consumers and creators?

A small percentage of people can be called creators: they are interested in trying something new and useful, in searching for harmony and improving the world. They are not afraid to take unconventional decisions, to behave differently and to be one-of-a-kind. These people want more than mere consumption, they have the urge to be useful.

So, consumers want to buy and spend while creators have higher values. Creators don’t want to work for money or to show off: they need self-development and strive to help others.

How to break the vicious circle of consumerism?

You should want to change your life, to create something beautiful to leave behind. Stop looking at work as a way of making a living; your work should inspire you and stimulate self-development. Don’t take everything for granted, start to appreciate your time and stop giving in to your weaknesses and laziness.

In order to start moving in the right direction, you need a push. Answer the question “Do I want to live a full life?” and get all set for your brand-new lifestyle.

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