A 3-Step Journey to Make the Perfect Business Presentation

f you want success, you need to build a great business. If you want to build a great business, you need people. If you want to invite people, this is what you have to do!

Learn what you have to do before, during and after each business presentation!

Before: Discover their dreams and hopes

Why? If you know exactly what they want, you will be able to find a more personal approach and address their needs much better in your business presentation.

Example: Do you need money now? Place an order. Can't you spend a lot of money? We have different prepayments. Do you want savings for your future? Buy gold bars.

How? Ask questions! You have to be great at asking and listening, because the person who asks the questions is the one who controls the conversation.

During: Don't sell, don't put pressure

Why? Because pushing your product or your business NEVER works. It is a huge mistake. You will make people feel uncomfortable and later they will tell everyone how unprofessional your company and you are.

Example: Imagine that someone recommends you to watch a movie. If he says: “It's nice! I think you will love it!” you may be interested and will go to watch it. On the other hand, if he is day and night repeating how wonderful and awesome that movie is, you will most probably be annoyed and won't want to hear a word about that movie ever again.

How? Educate, don't push. Teach them how your product or your business opportunity is the best option for them to solve their problems. If you don't try to sell them anything, you will have more credibility.

After: Don't take things personally

If they say “yes”, then great! But if they say “no”, never take it personally.

Why? If you made a good impression, even if they say “no”, some day they might reconsider your offer and they will end up calling you. Moreover, they may even recommend you to some of their friends who might be interested. And of course, they will speak well about you and the company.

How? Be nice and smile during the business presentation and, at the end, thank them for their time. Keep in touch with all your potential clients and give them your business card to contact you if they ever change their mind.

And what now? Keep on working because numbers never lie!

If you repeat this over and over again with enough people, you will find a lot of new clients!

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