12 rules to be awesome

Dan Waldschmidt, a talented speaker and one of the world's leading business strategist, knows how to be awesome.

And we are more than happy to share this knowledge with you!

Excellent news! Being awesome is not just an accident, you have to work on that. For that, there is a set of rules that can help you become an idol. Here you are:

  1. Be in the healing business first”
What does this mean? You must do everything to put people back together. Helping them live and feel better turns you into a knight in shining armour.

  1. Practice better honesty, candor, and kindness”
Small lies, intrigues and passive aggression ruin reputations that might have taken years to build. Being sincere and kindhearted is all you need.

  1. Play the long game. Always choose the high road”
Eventually, time puts everything right back where it belongs. You shouldn’t get obsessed about justice and people doing bad things: they will reap their own harvest. Why wasting your time on that if you can spend it on being awesome?

  1. Have a mission, not a series of goals”
Have a clear mission and accomplish it little by little: build it by means of a series of smaller goals. A correctly formulated mission can change your life. Commit yourself to it and make it your guiding light.

  1. Get some help for your head, health, and heart”
When helping others, do not forget about yourself. If you want to be positive and energetic, you need to maintain a sound mind in a sound body. Work and rest equally well: you must have enough strength to stay charged and lead others.

  1. Militantly fight average and ordinary”
Starting something new and getting out of your comfort zone might not be easy. But that is where the interesting and extraordinary resides. Don’t be afraid to be different from others and one of a kind: be proud of it.

  1. Use technology to smartly multiply your efforts”
There are so many smart tools around us that not taking advantage of them is a crime. Apps, programs, gadgets – allow yourself to be superior.

  1. Make everyone around you feel awesome”
Do you want to be awesome? Then, make others feel the same! Inspire, smile more, and shine bright!

  1. Refuse to worry about things outside your control”
Can’t change something? Then, why worrying about it? Focus on things you have control over and don’t waste your time.

  1. Follow-up faster than other people anticipate”
Success is largely a result of the speed of your actions. Always get your job done, don’t forget about follow-ups and keep promises. It will pay off!

  1. Avoid any negative influences in your day-to-day life”
Negativity can bring you down and undermine your motivation. You’d better stay away from whiners who set you on a bad mood. Interact with positive and successful people just like you!

  1. Make time to have a life outside of what you do as work”
Devote some time to your favorite business but don’t lose yourself in an endless cycle of duties. Spend as much time as you can with your family, loved ones and friends, don’t give up on your hobbies and keep on learning new things.

Of course, self-improvement takes time, but it's worth being awesome. Put these rules into practice and rock it!

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