From Prospect to Client: 7 Must-Dos for a perfect Follow-Up

You have met with a potential client, made the business presentation and agreed to talk later. Now, what?

How can he become a client? Read these 7 steps and become a master of the follow-up process!

Right after the business presentation

Phone? Skype? Facebook? Email? Ask him the best way to contact him. Otherwise you may risk writing an e-mail that will remain forgotten for years in an old account. That way, you will also let him know you will be contacting him again soon.

In the next 48 hours

(And not later) you have to contact him again. Let him know how nice it was to meet him, ask how he is doing, what he thinks about the business, etc. and don't forget to ask if he needs any help.

You aren't only building a business relationship, also a personal one. Show him he is not just a sale, but that you want to help and care about him.

Plan your Calls

What if you call him and he's busy? You can't be calling him every 5 minutes to try luck. To be sure he will have enough time to talk, schedule your calls/conversations in advance.

When calling him the first time, arrange the next call and so on. That way, you will also give a serious and professional image.

Show you are Trustworthy

Always fulfill your promises, always do what you said you were going to do. If you said you' would call at 09:00, call at 09:00 – not a minute sooner or later. People like that.

If, for example, you arrive late to a meeting making up excuses, people will think you aren't reliable and responsible enough, and won't trust you as someone to build a business with.

Keep it Cool

If you call him every hour, he will think you have nothing else to do: no other prospects, no colleagues to help, no work to do... in other words, that neither you nor your business is good.

You need to have business posture when contacting your prospects: look busy and professional. It is better to arrange one call/conversation per week.

Check your Steps

and learn from them! Keep track of everything you do: how many phone calls you make, how people answered and reacted to them, how much time they took, etc.

This way, you will have a better understanding of what really works for you and what doesn't. Over time, you will be able to improve your techniques.

Turn to Reviews

If you already know other clients' success stories, you can share them with your prospect.

Let's say your prospect is a housewife who takes care of her children and doesn't see herself running a business: you can tell her about one of your colleagues who was in the same situation and now is very successful.

The words of a happy client are worth 1000 gold bars.

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