7 Key Advantages of Being an Entrepreneur

Why and how being entrepreneurs changes our lives? Discover which aspects do we improve when we take control over our future and what does Robert Kiyosaki think about it!

A richer vision of life

Being an entrepreneur allows you to take your vision of life to a whole new level.

The factors that make you start a business, the attitude you need to get started and develop it, in addition to the results, radically change the way you think about, see and live your life.

At a cultural level

A common mission

When you set goals and develop new working methods, you are creating something new to share with your team and thousands of people worldwide.

New horizons

You are making the difference by proving that “the old ways” to make a living aren't the only ones, and that being an entrepreneur is a great opportunity for those who want to go beyond the established norms.

At an emotional level

In search of freedom

When looking for a job nowadays and mostly because of crisis, we prefer security and content ourselves with a safe life, without fears, even though we give up our dreams of freedom.

Seeking freedom means sacrificing that security that traditional jobs “guarantee us” and ignoring what society tells us every day. You have to encourage yourself to achieve what you want.

As Robert Kiyosaki said: “If you want freedom, you must give up on security. Employees want security and entrepreneurs seek freedom.”

Taking the reins

Having one's own business means establishing your own rules, and working to make your dreams come true, not another person's ones. You've got the freedom to walk your own way, and your life is your responsibility and no one else's.


All the steps you have to take before and after starting a business require you to become a better version of yourself: step out of your comfort zone, overcome challenges and keep on learning all the way through.

This way, you gain in experience and knowledge, and you end up being more intelligent both at a professional and personal level.

At an economic level

Entrepreneurial mindset

Yes, you can get rich due to an inheritance or a lottery, but money won't last forever. On the other hand, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you will always have richness.

As Robert Kiyosaki once put it: “Financial education is very powerful. Money comes and goes, but if you know how to manage your money, you can get rich.”

Income freedom

If you create your own business plan, why don't you plan to earn 5,000 EUR a month? And what about 10,000 EUR? If you work wisely, you can choose how much you earn.

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