10 Tips: How to stay motivated when working at home?

If you have chosen to build your business from home, there might be moments you feel alone or miss the company of coworkers.

How to feel better and stay motivated to run a successful business?

  1. A hearty breakfast

Keep your mind focused on your tasks by starting the day with a healthy breakfast. A coffee or a tea will keep you on your toes!

  1. Create a daily plan

Set a wake-up time and a working schedule. Divide your tasks into smaller ones and start with the most difficult one early in the morning.

Remember to take short breaks to stay productive! Stretch, take a walk, meditate... Five minutes every hour will do.

  1. Dress for success

Just because you work from home doesn't mean that you can wander around the house in your pajamas. Business casual is the best choice to feel both comfortable and professional.

  1. Prepare your home office

Having your own personal space will help you focus better on your tasks and not bother other people in the house (your spouse will thank you!)

You can use the company's branded items: decorate your office and motivate yourself – 2x1!

  1. Choose an office outdoors

Go on an adventure! Once in a while take your laptop to your favorite park, beach, coffee shop, etc. and work from there. You can both quit your routine and meet new people!

  1. Attend events

Need an energy boost? Meet hundreds of your colleagues and new friends at the company's international events!

Don't you have a ticket for the Global Convention 2017 yet? Get one! 

  1. Use Skype/Phone/Social networks

Talking to both your potential clients and your colleagues is 99% of your job. If you work at home but belong to a big united team, you will never feel alone!

  1. Travel

Do you want to travel for business or pleasure? Whether you choose to work somewhere else or take some deserved rest, traveling is always a fulfilling experience that will help you recharge your batteries.

  1. Reward yourself

Just as the company's rewards and awards for advancing in your business, a little reward when finishing a task will keep you 100% motivated.

  1. Music

Music has a great power to arouse emotions! Turn on lively music to motivate yourself and instrumental melodies to focus on your working routine.

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