6 Reasons Why We Fear Success

Our fear of success can get in the way of achieving our goals. Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen gives us 6 reasons why we self-sabotage instead of aiming high.

Why do we fear success and how can we reach our goals?

Worth: Some people may feel they don't deserve to be successful. Even after working hard and achieving rewards, status, awards, etc., they don't feel comfortable and end up stopping their good work.

Control: It is possible to feel better when you control your own failure, because you believe you can't control your success.

Perceived fraudulence: The more you achieve, the more you can fear to fall. If you become successful and attract attention of other people to yourself, you may fear being called a fraud and feeling that don't deserve that.

Familiarity: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.” People may choose their ordinary life over true happiness.

For a handy scapegoat: If we don't manage to achieve a goal, we can try look for someone to blame instead of analyzing the real reasons behind that failure.

Sheer boredom: Sometimes, we just push some buttons like starting a fight to add a familiar feeling of chaos and drama to our stability.

Bottom line: our fear of success is trying our best and not achieving success.

But that shouldn't be a problem! You have everything at your disposal to be successful: a profitable program and product, official promotional materials, a whole team of experienced clients who will always motivate you... and the best of all: you!

You decided to change your life for the better and will do it. You deserve the best of success!

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