8 Easy Ways to Avoid “No” in your Presentations

The answer 'No' is great! Don't be sad when hearing it because the real business starts after 100 of them!”

Mark М., a Global InterGold's top client

Not sure about how to avoid the answer “No” from potential clients? Don't worry! These 8 tricks will help you getting more than one “YES”!

technique, how to deal with objections

1) Empathy with words

Repeat what your potential client is saying but with different words. 

Client: I'm not sure if I can raise the money for a prepayment, I need to pay for my son’s school.

You: I understand you. Every parent has the same worries. But, if you become a Global InterGold's client, you can choose a small prepayment and soon after you will be able to pay for your son's school and much more.

Potential clients want to feel that you understand their problems and that you are actually trying to solve them.

technique, how to deal with objections

2) Money is NEVER the problem

This trick consists of imagining that the problem of money is already solved:

Client: I have no money.

You: But, if you had some, would you place an order?

Client: I guess, but why should I?

Help potential clients understand that money isn't a big problem. Keep talking to them and you will find the actual problem. Then, you can work it out together.

technique, how to deal with objections

3) “Anything else?”

Make your potential clients take everything out: every doubt or whatever they don't like.

You: Now, after everything that I've explained to you, is there anything that you don't understand or you don't like about the business?

Client: Well, I think that the prepayments are expensive.

You: I see. Anything else maybe?

Client: Yes, how to find people to join my team?

You: We can sort that out too. Is that all?

That way, you will be able to solve every point little by little.

technique, how to deal with objections

4) Help them think with questions

Have you ever heard "This is not my thing"? Probably yes. Let's see how to deal with that:

You: Hello there! Have you read the information that I gave you?

Customer: Yes, but... I think it's not my thing.

You: I see, but what exactly is not your thing? Maybe you need help with understanding something? Don’t you like the idea of getting more income, having no boss, and working in an international company?

Client: I just don’t trust stuff on the Internet.

You: But, how can you say that if you haven't tried it yet? I can assure you that it has no risks and you can earn good, like the rest of us. By the way, have you ever had the chance to where and when to work?

Client: Hmm, no.

You: That's what you can do by working on the Internet.

And there you go. Another chance to keep on presenting the business and to avoid getting a “NO” as an answer. If potential clients come with particular reasons why they are not interested in running the business, that means they are still thinking about it and they want you to solve them.

technique, how to deal with objections

5) Be honest

Not much more to add here. But let's see an example:

Client: Hmm... I'm not sure what to think about it.

You: I'll be honest with you, you have to work, but just like everywhere else. However, the income is not like everywhere else, and I can say I couldn't be happier now that I am running this business.

This is again about understanding your potential clients' point of view and speaking from the heart. That's how you build trust.

technique, how to deal with objections

6) Focus on the positive points

Perfect for those potential clients who you already know for a while. You just need to remind them the most positive points you've already talked about. Like this:

You: Remember those videos from the cruise that I showed you?

Client: You bet! I wish I could be there.

You: Well, you can. The company gives the opportunity to go on cruises every year.

In that way, they associate you with a wonderful opportunity they could live by working together in the company.

7) Pros & Cons

Simply, writing the pros and cons of the business down, and cross them out as you discuss them. What for? To make potential clients see all the positive things.

Client: Gold is difficult to sell.

You: Not at all! Everybody knows what is gold and it has a good reputation. So, crossed out.

Client: People in my country don’t understand this business.

You: That's what some people thought before, but then we got down to work and there are a lot of countries where the business is developed. Besides, it's an online business, so you can also find clients anywhere else. Crossed out too.

This way, all the pros will be on the table.

technique, how to deal with objections

8) Answer questions with more questions

As simple as that. But don't forget to write some notes down to later go through them and see which were the most important ones.

Client: Why are prepayments so high? 

You: High compared to what? Do you know the price of gold?

Client: Not really.

You: What if I say that the total price of a set of gold bars is 7,000 EUR? Would you like to get that after paying 540 EUR only? 

After the meeting, you will be able to see from your notes which questions were more effective.

technique, how to deal with objections

We hope these 8 easy tricks will help you hear as many “YES” as possible!

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