The Big Advantages of Edification for your Business

Would you like to build a large, motivated, and united team? Would you like to give a good impression to have more clients?

What you need is applying edification in your business.

We have heard this hundreds of times: “Global InterGold's business is a business for people.” And indeed, success very much depends on our attitude and relationships.

What is edification?

Edification is about sincerely highlighting the qualities, achievements, or advantages of something without exaggerating. In other words, it is about speaking well.

How is it going to help you?

Edification will be the borderline between having a new client or not. Between union or misunderstandings within the team. And between motivated or discouraged working colleagues.

Global InterGold, edification, team, success

What or who to edify?

Your sponsor and/or leaders

Your sponsor or a leader will help you making the first presentations to potential clients. Before meeting your sponsor or leader, talk to your potential client about that person's results, success, and prizes or awards obtained, if any.

What you get → You will give that person confidence, because he/she will understand that, even though you don't have enough experience, he/she will count with the support of someone who does have it. The business will gain in credibility because your sponsor is evidence of the results that can be achieved.

= More new clients

Global InterGold, edification, team, success

Your structure

Keeping everybody in your team motivated is difficult, right? But what you can actually do is make every team member feel valuable. Congratulate them for their achievements, acknowledge their work, share good news with everybody on the social networks, and so on.

What you get → Your team will feel valued and will be more willing to work. You will then unify your team and create a great working environment with more motivated people willing to walk the same road towards more achievements together.

= Better results

Global InterGold, edification, team, success

The company and the product

Share everything that the Online Shop offers with both your clients and the potential ones: promotional materials, events, contests, awards, websites, and every update. And don't forget to speak about the economic advantages of gold too!

What you get → To put the company in a good light, to make people see that they can make it if they buy gold, to introduce the tools and materials that can help a faster development of the business.

= More new clients + Better results

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