4 ideas to celebrate Christmas & New Year and develop your business

Celebrating Christmas and New Year does not necessarily have to be a family reunion or a loud party. In fact, it can be a good occasion for business people to meet colleagues, celebrate their achievements, and plan others.

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1) Invite a person you want to start working with

A good business partner is worth his weight in gold not only because of his/her professional skills, but also because you both share the same vision. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with that kind of person and perhaps it will be the beginning of a long and successful partnership!

New Year, Christmas, party

2) Invite people from abroad

Looking for new markets? Meet people from other countries and offer them to celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Present this gathering as an occasion to get acquainted with each other's customs and broaden your business contacts!

It all started when I got acquainted with a woman from Thailand thanks to a friend of mine. I gave her and her son generous gifts, and later went to Thailand for Christmas. There, 20 people became my clients in just a month!”

Niels Piedersen, client from Norway

3) Invite a special guest

Christmas and New Year parties often feature special guests. You can opt for a motivational speaker to teach your guests something useful and related to the business.

And this does not have to be boring at all for a party. You can arrange competitions with some business-related gifts for, for example, the best holiday-styled business presentation. Or anything else you come up with.

New Year, Christmas, party

4) Invite people to join you

One of the most common problems for big celebrations is where to celebrate them. Believe it or not, many people have no places for that. Give them the chance to celebrate Christmas and New Year properly! Create an event in social networks and invite people to join. Their first impression of the gold business will be unforgettable!

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