Change your life radically with Brian Tracy's simple tips

Sometimes it is just unavoidable to feel a little bit down. But getting back on the right track is just a matter of changing some habits and redirecting our thoughts.

The acclaimed author and expert on business and sales management Brian Tracy has pieces of advice to help you change your life for the better.

The name of Brian Tracy is widely known worldwide. He is an outstanding expert in the field of business promotion and sales management, and a best-selling author who focuses on the topics of professional growth, motivation, and management. His books have helped millions of people self-improve and change their lives for the better.

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What does Brian Tracy advise to change your life radically?

- Start your day properly

Morning can be said to be the most important part of the day, perfectly capable of determining how the rest of the day will be. That is why it is essential to start your day properly. Everybody has their own morning habits, but Tracy specially recommends to find time for yourself, to think about your plans for the future. This is what he calls the “Golden Hour”; basically, devoting some time for yourself as you get ready for the productive day you have planned.

When in your “Golden Hour”, visualizing your goals is definitely helpful. But how? Imagine that you have already achieved those goals and write them down in the present tense; for example "I have earned X euro", "I have got X", etc. This is an incredibly effective exercise.

advice, Brian Tracy- “Fasten your seat-belt”

Get ready for a rapid change of your life because you will have the confidence you need to move towards achieving your goals. Self-improvement will help you reaching that stage.

- Everything counts

Bear in mind the so-called “Law of Accumulation”. In Tracy's words: “Every great financial achievement is an accumulation of hundreds of small efforts and sacrifices that no one ever sees or appreciates”. This means that everything counts as an achievement. Nothing that you accomplish is a loss. Focus on your main goals as you go through and work on other details. You will reach your goals step by step, but trying to avoid other distractions.

advice, Brian Tracy- You will become a magnet

By self-improvement and redirecting your thoughts, you will end up becoming a magnet for people like you, people that have clear ideas about how to achieve their goals and well-being. You will also become a magnet for new opportunities that will help you to move further ahead.

If you have your dreams and goals in mind as if they were accomplished or about to be, you will make them more real, and you will start to radically change your life.

Stand firm, keep on moving forward, and never give up!

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