How to attract potential customers or "What do clients really want?"

The effective promotion of a product or service is the result of a mix of talent, experience, and professionality. Understanding the needs and wishes of potential clients is another important issue to take into account.

This is the topic under discussion today.

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What to start with when trying to attract a potential client?

First of all, you need to understand what kind of person your potential client is, because people's aspirations and needs highly depend on factors such as age, sex, or education, among others. For this reason, adapting your personal attitude towards your potential clients is vital for establishing enduring relationships.

For instance:

  • A retired person usually has more free time than a working man
  • A new mother wants to feel self-sufficient and to combine raising her children with other activities that will bring her income and self-realization
  • A student is looking for his place in the world and wants to stand on his own two feet in order to sustain his future family and start his adulthood.

problem, potential client

What can we offer to a potential client?

Having understood what your potential customer needs and wishes and how he can solve his problems with what you have to offer, it is time to step into action. And the key issue you have to keep in mind goes as follows:

How can you solve your potential clients' problems?

What does this mean?

Whichever concern that your potential customer might have. Your task is to solve it. If you learn to understand the needs of your potential customers and how can you help them, you will be much more effective.

How does this apply to gold business?

When telling your potential customers about the gold business and its advantages, keep in mind that what you explain must cover most of their concerns. You have to precisely focus on the business benefits that are relevant to that specific person. Let's comment further on the previous examples:

Features to attract a pensioner

  • Gold is a reliable product to earn money with
  • Gold business is legal
  • Gold can be inherited
  • Experience and wisdom facilitate building relationships with new clients
  • Anybody can run this business

The main concerns of pensioners have been covered here: gold can help them have a higher standard of living, feel safer, and leave their family a valuable inheritance.

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Features to attract a new mother

  • Gold business can be conducted at the comfort of her own home
  • It can be easily combined with bringing children up and house chores
  • This opportunity allows her to self-develop and become a businesswoman
  • This precious metal can help her earn good money and ensure the future of her family
  • Gold business favors meeting and contacting new people and breaking away from daily routine

After talking a bit with a new mother, you will immediately understand what she would like to change in her life, which is often too centered on home and children.

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Features to attract a student

  • Gold is a prestigious product that allows to achieve a higher social status
  • Personal ambitions can be fulfilled by conducting his own business
  • Gold business gives people time freedom
  • Gold business will make him earn good money to afford an apartment, a nice car, etc.
  • A person running his own business builds a strong foundation to safely start a family

Students are young people full of enthusiasm and ready to move mountains. That is why, once you have detected their aspirations, you will be able cover concerns such as "how to make a quick profit with no boss involved" and "how to occupy a high position in society."

problem, potential client

We hope that our advice helps you attract potential customers and reach success!

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