8 Tricks to design an Attractive Poster for your Event on GlobalEvents

A poster is worth a thousand words! Maybe the saying was not exactly like this, but it is when it comes to draw worldwide attention to your business conferences and webinars.

Learn 8 simple tricks and become a master of design today!

Our eyes are a gateway for everything surrounding us. The clothes that other people wear when you first meet them, gives you a first impression of them; the presentation of a dish tells us whether it is going to be tasty... it is the same with events posters.

The Global Events website has shown a strong start since Global InterGold's clients from all over the world post their business conferences regularly. To help them attract a wider audience, we have compiled a series of tips.

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In selecting these tricks, we have consulted a number of expert designers and they all agreed on the same basic points to take into account:

  • Use high resolution photos 1200x300 px

Aside from giving a professional image, you will be making it legible. People will first judge your event based on the poster. Some might close the window without reading the description if they think it's cheap.

  • Use only one font, two maximum

Keep it formal. Leave varied and funny fonts for posters of concerts and movies. Your poster should ensure your potential attendees that you are serious about your business.

  • Make it readable

Keep contrast between the text and background. It would be quite hard reading yellow letters in a white background, wouldn't it? Choose opposite colors such as black and golden.

  • Make a clever composition

Do not include too much information, you have the description for that. Write the name and theme of the event in the upper part, for example: "Conference on gold business ". Down below, write the city, country and date. Finally, write the name of the speaker(s), if any.
  • Balance the composition

Symmetry is king. Center the text and the pictures you use to create a balance for the eye. This means to keep the same number of items in both sides of the poster.

  • Design for your target audience

Some potential clients might be interested in your event. So, ensure that people who see the poster know exactly what you are promoting and why it is interesting.

  • Make your poster stand out

Get creative! Check how the standard type of event posters at Global Events website is and think how yours can be different. Put a bit of yourself on it! For example: you can use an interesting picture, or an eye-catching slogan written in capital letters.

  • Find a professional designer

If you tried and could not come up with a good idea, no problem! There are professional designers out there to do it! Contact any, give them the information about your event, and they will guarantee you a good poster.

Here you are have a perfect example:

We hope you find these tips useful! Add these instructions to your Bookmarks and have them always at hand to consult!

The Global InterGold company created the Global Events website for clients from all over the world to post their business conferences and webinars. Find them at: 

We wish you to organize a successful event!

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