7 Signs that you are a True Leader

Leadership Development is all the rage this year! The Global Tour 2016 has brought a lot of knowledge to GIG's clients from all over the world who are now armed with all the tools to jump start their success!

Are you a true leader? Read and find out!

Who better to describe what is a true leader than Global and Grand Leaders? They have a wide experience and, at the Global Assembly 2016, each of them talked about the main characteristics of a true leader.

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Unsurprisingly, their answers were quite similar.

  1. True leaders inspire and take other people to success
      People make you a leader. They follow you because you encourage them to keep moving towards the achievement of results, because you motivate them to never give up.
  2. True leaders lead by example
      You cannot ask your team to organize events or to contact X number of potential clients in one week, for example, if you don't do that. They will not do as you say, they will do what they see you doing.
  3. True leaders have a clear goal
      To advance, you have to know where you are going. To have people following you, they have to know where you are going too. If you share common goals, move forward together!
  4. True leaders are responsible
      The people who follow you placed their trust on you, they believe that you will take them to success. Do not let them down! Real leaders help their team to achieve results.
  5. True leaders are humble
      If you think you already know everything – your business will stop growing.
  6. True leaders teach people
      They know nobody is born a leader and everyone can acquire leadership skills on the way, such as public communication and time-management.
  7. True leaders help people
      The vocation of being a leader comes from within. You have to be ready to help people without asking anything in return.
      What about the reward for being a real leader? 100% satisfaction when seeing your team members happy!
Global InterGold, leader, leadership, business

Want to know more tips from experts on how to become a true leader? Do not miss the speeches of the Global Leaders and 6 Special Guest Speakers at the Global Convention 2016!

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