A year-long vacation... is it possible at all? With Global InterGold, YES!

How lovely it would be to set off for a vacation right now! And even lovelier it would be to take a month, half-a-year or even a year vacation: to visit exotic countries, hang out with people and have fun... But where to take money?

In fact, there is a job which is a vacation itself!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


The saying is as old as time, not having lost its topicality up to the present. What do people normally mean when they talk about a dream job? A dream job for many implies interaction, amusing acitivities, free working schedule, and travels, thus, almost a vacation. How to combine building the Global InterGold business and having a nice rest?

Global InterGold events

global intergold, gold, business, vacation

Events are a significant part of the gold business. They make sort of a friends club: friends who meet in different countries, share successes, help each other and have a great time together.

Statistics prove: the development of the business keeps up pace, enlarging the number of clients' successes, in the regions where Global InterGold events take place.

Aim to visit as many gold business related events in different countries as possible. You will become more:
  • skilful in understanding other cultures,
  • fluent in communicating with potential customers
  • experienced in extending the GIG customer portfolio

The world will become your oyster!

global intergold, gold, business, vacation

Note, successful leaders are always present at events. They make photos, record videos: they are always in public! Learn from their example for you to get noticed by more potential customers.

global intergold, gold, business, vacation

The company and customers hold worldwide gold business events quite often. The more events, the more interesting the business is! Why limit yourself to routine doings if you can do the same job and be entertained? With Global InterGold, the business becomes a neverending vacation.

Where and when the next Global InterGold event will unfold?

On 20th August in Barcelona, Spain. This is going to be an unforgettable event and a melting pot of cultures. Famous leaders will arrive there too; and you will experience what a real vacation feels like. All the information has been announced, the event program has been scheduled. Hurry up and purchase your ticket to the hottest conference of this summer!

«Buy a ticket»

Let the development of the business be a pleasure, so that potential customers feel it and join such a beautiful business!

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