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«All great speakers were bad speakers at first»
Ralph Emmerson

Good news, everyone! You can become a good speaker if you put enough effort into it. What to start with?

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The purpose of my presentation

Ask yourself what is the purpose of your presentation. Think about it well. If you answer that the purpose of your presentation is to motive potential clients to join the gold business and inform them about Global InterGold, then, your goal goes beyond merely speaking. Your presentation should help to engage the audience so that they listen to you and get interested in what you are saying.

Remember that the message should be directed at your audience. You should be ready to solve their problems, satisfy their interests, and answer their questions. So, we should not focus on the idea of "our product is the best". Our goal is not selling something, our goal is to focus on "how we can help you".

Key points for your presentation

How to win your audience's hearts? The most reliable way is to base your presentation on significant and strong arguments. These arguments can be photos, videos of clients speaking about the business, statistics, news, etc. All that can help gaining the trust and attention of the audience.

Global InterGold, the Online Gold Shop, Global InterGold presentations

Much text, little attention

Do not overload your slides with text, add pictures. Pictures catch people's attention better, and it makes your presentation much easier to remember. Make sure also that the text on the slides is different from what you say. Most likely, you wouldn’t enjoy listening to a presentation which is word by word the same as the text on the slides. It's plain boring.

Don't be afraid, they don't bite

Speakers with no experience are often afraid of questions. This may happen because they fear not knowing the answer to that question. The solution is simple: consider all possible questions related to the topic and practice them with friends or colleagues.

If you are still caught off guard, try to calm down by suggesting to discuss the matter after the presentation. This way you will have some more time to come up with an answer.

And remember that closeness to the audience is essential to succeed.

Thank you! Merci! Gracias!

Do not forget to express your sincere gratitude to the audience and the pleasure of talking to them. Praise their intelligence and the relevant questions they have asked. Your audience needs to know that you value their time and attention.

We hope that you find these tips useful. Don’t forget that the official Global InterGold presentations will help you speak about the gold business and the Online Gold Shop product and services easily and efficiently.

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Global InterGold, the Online Gold Shop, Global InterGold presentations

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