Global InterGold gives Apple iPads to its clients!

A token of generosity! Global InterGold will present Apple iPads to the most efficient customers who develop their business with the new orders and increase their income!

Find out more about the new promotion and rules to get an exclusive GIG-branded Apple iPad!

The company has launched a new Promotion:


The opportunity to get a GIG-branded
Apple iPad mini Gold!

Global Pad is both the new Global InterGold Promotion and present that any customer can get: a brand-new Apple iPad mini Gold Exclusive Edition with the company's logo.

Global InterGold, Global Pad, Apple iPad

This tablet is not just an exclusive and expensive present. It will be a reliable business tool with access to the official Global InterGold promotional materials such as PowerPoint presentations and videos.

Do you want it now? Rules are simple: complete 12 sections of a GoldSet Global Smart or a GoldSet Global Pro order.

*12 sections shall be completed within 90 days at any time of the Promotion period from 15 June, 2016 until 15 January, 2017.

Global InterGold, Global Pad, Apple iPad

What if I have already completed a section of a GoldSet Global order after 15 June?

Focus on promoting the business and complete 11 more sections!

What if I already have an iPad?

Get a new GIG-branded one and give your old tablet to your best customer.

How can I use it?

You can present the business anywhere, log in your personal back-office, follow gold prices and GIG news, take photos and shoot videos at events and post them on the social networks immediately, etc.

How will it help me earn more?

It will improve your business image since it is a proof of your commitment and success. It will enhance as well the bonds of trust with your team and your credibility in the eyes of your potential clients. Needless to say, it will take your presentations to a whole new level and attract more customers in a short time. 

I still have 6 months ahead, would it be better to start later?

No. There is a special offer for all customers to get fast results valid until 11 July: one can place the new GoldSet Global orders, complete sections and receive reward units for GIG-branded gold bars without qualification. Don't waste your time!

Get to know more about GLOBAL Pad on our official website: Read the rules



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