Customers from Mexico conquer the world and visit Global InterGold office in Zurich

Global InterGold Customers from Mexico have proved that impossible is nothing! They travel from one country to another, successfully develop business with Global InterGold product and galvanize others with energy and enthusiastic.

They attended the Global Assembly, and then went to the Global InterGold office in Switzerland. What kind of ideas have they implemented there?

Global InterGold customers from Mexico are actively developing business in their region and in other parts of the world! They can be seen at most conferences dedicated to the gold business.

Global InterGold Zurich, Global InterGold Mexico, Global InterGold office

On 30 April and 1 May, Mexican customers attended the Global Assembly 2016 in Rome, and after a few days they visited the Global InterGold office in Zurich.

On 4 May, they arrived at the company's representative office in Switzerland to be warmly welcomed by Global InterGold management. The guests had a tour around the office premises, recorded interviews and took photos.

Global InterGold Zurich, Global InterGold Mexico, Global InterGold office

A day after, they recorded a video tour around the office. It is now available to public!

Watch this video tour from Global InterGold customer!

Read the detailed article about company's customers spending time in the Global InterGold representative office!

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