What country will host the next Global Tour 2016 event? Can you guess?

The Global Tour 2016 events have already been held in 7 countries on 3 continents: America, Asia and Europe. Let's remember the venues of the past conferences and think about the next country in the list.

Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Global Tour 2016: business conferences worldwide

The Global Tour 2016 is a successful campaign that unites gold businessmen worldwide. This series of events started in Latin America, went across Asia and recently landed in Europe.

Global Tour events have a significant importance because the company's customers could attend them in their countries. Global InterGold conferences become more available to people who want to make themselves a name in the gold world and meet famous leaders.

Global Tour 2016 in Latin America. New business heights

The first three events of the Global Tour were held in Colombia (January 29th), Ecuador (January 31st) and Peru (February 6th - 7th). They were attended by hundreds of people from all over Latin America and other parts of the world. The Latin American conferences were remarkable: apart from getting acquainted with the company's news, recording interviews and meeting new people, customers conquered a volcano, reaching the height of several thousand meters above sea level, and crossed the Earth's equator. 

Global InterGold, Global Tour 2016

Global Tour in Malaysia, Japan and South Korea

The next Global Tour 2016 stop was in Asia where three unforgettable events took place. Gold businessmen arrived at the conference in Kuala Lumpur on February 20th . The capital of Japan welcomed Global InterGold customers on 19th March, and a week later, on March 26th, the company's clients gathered in Busan to participate in the Global Tour event in South Korea.

The Global Tour events open up new opportunities for the gold business development. 

Global InterGold, Global Tour 2016

14-15th May, Global InterGold conference in Paris. What country will be the next?

The first Global Tour event in Europe took place in Paris on 14th and 15th May. Where will the next conference be held? It is going to be a European country, but which one? What is your guess?

Global InterGold, Global Tour 2016

What country do you think will be the next host? Leave your suggestions in the comments! 

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  1. It will be a pleasure for me to visit Russia
    and to see amazing St. Petersburg together with Global family!

  2. Following GIG's news on info site, I found the news that
    On June 18th and 19th, the Taleon Imperial Hotel
    in St. Petersburg will host another Global InterGold conference
    devoted to online gold business. Am I right? So the next will be Russia!!!

  3. Ist very nice that company is constantly working on business development,
    and it's very nice that clients have a possibility to participate in all the great events
    and business conferences!

  4. On June 25th and 26th the Taleon Imperial Hotel in St. Petersburg will host another Global InterGold conference devoted to online gold business.

  5. Penso che il prossimo Paese potrebbe essere Malta!

  6. Please visit Philippines!! Please conduct your GIG Global Tour here and you will see how the Filipinos will be soo much excited!


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