Liberty, equality, fraternity! Global InterGold France is on the verge!

The Global Tour 2016 is marching over the globe! Latin America and Asia have already hosted Global InterGold conferences, the time for Europe has come. What awaits you in Paris?

The Global Tour 2016 motto “Leadership Development” is correlated with national motto of the French Republic “Liberty, equality, fraternity!”: all company's customers have equal opportunities to earn, anyone can reach financial freedom, and you will always be guided and surrounded by people who want to help and support you.

Paris, the capital of France, will be the next destination of the Global Tour. Hundreds of customers will unite at the Global InterGold France on 14th and 15th May to get inspired for new achievements, learn the latest company's news and receive well-deserved awards.

What shall you know about Paris and France to get the most out of your participation at the conference?

Paris is more than 2000 years old, and it is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. Millions of people direct their steps to this fabulous city to see the Eiffel tower, visit Louvre and walk along Avenue des Champs-Élysée. But beware: the view from the top of the tower is overwhelming, but the tower is always overcrowded, so plan your time wisely.

French cuisine is considered to be the best one in the world, though it won't be easy to find famous frog legs in every single cafe: it is a rare gourmet specialty nowadays. But what you will definitely see in French cafes is... dogs. There is a saying that there are more dogs in Paris than children. Good tips to know when arranging your spare time during the Global InterGold France conference!

Paris is also one of the world's fashion capitals, so you can't miss a chance to have some shopping in luxury and stylish boutiques. Not only exclusive attires can be found there, but also exquisite jewelry and accessories, and gold is undoubtedly the most cherished precious metal.

Gold is beauty, gold is money

If gold is your passion, earn with it! Let Global InterGold business increase your income and lead you to financial freedom! The Global Tour 2016 in Paris will help you learn gold news and get to know eminent gold businessmen. Don't hesitate, purchase your ticket for the Global InterGold France conference!

Those who work hard win real gold bars! Find out all the details about the Global 100 contest!

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