GIG leader Julia Beikina: you are welcome to the Global InterGold conference in St. Petersburg!

Global InterGold сonferences in St. Petersburg are becoming a tradition. Last winter, customers attended the wonderful Global Christmas Ball, and now a magnificent conference during the "Scarlet Sails" festival awaits them on June 25th - 26th.

What is planned for this Global InterGold event in Russia? Julia Beikina knows all the details!

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After the historic event of the Global Assembly 2016, many attendees took the chance to visit the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich. Julia Beikina, a successful company's leader from Russia, was one of them.

As the organizer of this event, Julia Beikina has recorded a video inviting all the customers to participate in the upcoming Global InterGold conference in St. Petersburg.

At the conference, customers will learn new information on the gold business, get inspired with the Grand Leaders' addresses and enjoy various surprises. They will also be able to attend the "Scarlet Sails" festival, experience the unique 'white nights' and enjoy walks along one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Watch Julia Beikina's invitation and don't miss this conference!

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