Dream big, or Leadership in France has rollercoastered with Global Tour 2016!

Let's be honest, most of us would love to be rich. There is nothing wrong with that: to pursue a dream of living a wealthy life is an inalienable right of any human on this planet (we are not sure about other planets, but it would be quite possible as well).

The attendees of the Global Tour 2016 in Paris proved that dream is the basis. The number of gold bar orders from France has tripled; which means people have believed in themselves and success. Isn't it the right thing to start with?

Freedom! Independence! Financial welfare! How could people nowadays possibly refuse from these. Our society is focused on these principles. If you feel like following them, you will see the way to achieve them, because we get what we strive for. The choice is yours!

Global InterGold, Paris, France, gold business, Global Tour 2016

The Global Tour in Paris: the world needs leaders

The Global Tour 2016 conference gave customers one more chance to develop their leadership potential. The new information and business trainings were aimed at customers' professional development.

The organizer of the event is the most famed Global InterGold leader from France. His name is known in the whole French region and beyond. Naturally, the Global InterGold leader Antonio Miguel is called the №1 leader in France.

Global InterGold, Paris, France, gold business, Global Tour 2016

One of the reasons to hold the conference was the fact that the interest towards the business of Global InterGold in France has rollercoastered. In May there were 3 times more orders placed than in April. The business is developing, and it means there is a need in effective education on business basics and recommendations on how to become a leader.

Dream and achieve!

Paris is a city of romance. It doesn't mean, though, the people developing their business there have no entrepreneurial skills. On the contrary, romance includes dreams about future and the wish to acquire new knowledge.

Watch the video about the Global InterGold conference in Paris and believe in your dreams!  

Conference in detail on the Global InterGold news website!

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