A Global InterGold customer has won 10 000 euro worth of gold in Global 100 contest!

One of the company's customers has showed excellent performance in the Global 100 contest. He has become a double champion having earned a record number of points and coveted gold bars!

Who is the hero? How to attain remarkable results in the Global 100?

The Global 100 contest gives its participants an opportunity to win 1-ounce, 50-gram or 100-gram gold bars each month and a chic trip to Asia, the Grand Winter Voyage 2017, upon the results of the year.

As an outcome of a heated three-month participation in the Global 100 contest one of the customers has won two times in a row!

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The double Global 100 winner
upon the results of March and April is:
Gevork Dzhlavyan!

The customer from Russia earned a peak of 49 and 62 points in March and April, proving that one can succeed starting from scratch. Remember, the points in the Global 100 contest are scored anew each month!

The contestant won the first prize in March and received a 100-gram gold bar as an award from the company.

But the sky was not the limit to him: Mr Dzhlavyan took the first prize once again, having become an honorable owner of 100 more grams of gold.

According to the conditions of the contest, the winner of two consecutive months gains an additional 100-gram gold bar.

This way, our hero becomes the owner of 300 grams of gold worth of more than 10 000 euros!

Such an incredible efficiency!

We are happy to congratulate our winner with this excellent result and wish him to move forward and reach new peaks of the gold business!

The chances are equal, therefore, develop your business and become winners of precious gold bars in weights of 1 ounce, 50 grams and 100 grams.

Only a week is left before the end of the 4th contest period. Use it efficiently!

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