Why the first day of the Global Assembly has been so remarkable? Best moments

The first day of the Global Assembly 2016 is over. The event has been full of excitement, surprises, novelties, information about new business opportunities and awards!

Which have been the key moments of the Global Assembly 2016?

The first day of the Global Assembly has officially ended! Which have been the most outstanding moments?

Global Assembly 2016 unites customers from all over the world!

The Global Assembly 2016 began with the arrival of the attendees at the luxurious five-star Rome Cavalieri Hotel. The lobby welcomed more and more people as the start of the event approached and the atmosphere was filled little by little with joy and excitement.

Some customers greeted and hugged old friends, others met for the first time. Gold unites people!

More technologies, more success

The addresses of the company’s management
were dedicated to the new business tools which are now available to Global InterGold customers! 
Afterwards, the three Global Leaders: Ostap Pechenyi, Oleg Ulyanov and Antonio Manuel Buendia shared their success stories, expertise and knowledge with the audience.

Closing of the First Day

The grand finale of the first day was the Apero Riche, a feast in Italian style in which customres had the pleasure to taste exquisite meals.

What will happen on the second day of the Global InterGold Italy event? Be the first to know!

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