Videos from the Global InterGold event in Japan available!

Do you need an injection of energy and motivation? Fasten your seat belts!

The company's camera crew has prepared 3 exciting videos of the Global InterGold conference in Tokyo, Japan!

The Global InterGold event in Japan had a great success and nobody want to miss a single detail. That is why the videos of the event accumulate more and more views!

Take a look at the event from 3 different angles! Find yourself and your friends! 


Konnichiwa, Japan! The finest hour for the company's customers from the Land of the Rising Sun arrived! An unbelievable amount of customers received Global InterGold awards. Why are they so happy? Because they have gold.


Isn't this video an explosion of energy? Mesmerizing music, ritual drums which are believed to bring good luck, hundreds of people motivated to reach success... And gold. A lot of gold!


Gold loves those who love gold. Do you agree with these words pronounced by one of the leaders who attended the Global InterGold conference in Japan? Watch the video and find out how did the customers enjoy their free time.

Certainly, this is not everything. All the details of the two-day event of Global InterGold in Japan can be found in the article.


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