Global Leaders are ready to go at the Global Assembly 2016!

The first day of the Global Assembly 2016 is being an unprecedented success! The Director of Development and the Vice President have already revealed new business opportunities but there is more to come.

What speeches will enjoy the guests now at the Global Assembly 2016?

Needless to say that these 3 speakers deserve to be on the stage at the Global Assembly. Over 600 people wait with bated breath for the arrival of these leaders who will share their experience, knowledge and success stories with the whole world.

Indeed, thanks to their perseverance and excellent leadership skills, they have reached great tops in gold business. Who are we talking about? You may have already guessed.

They are the Global InterGold Global Leaders: Oleg Ulyanov, Ostap Pecheniy and Antonio Manuel Buendia.

These three leaders are worthy of this honorary title for they have helped thousands of people to achieve a great success in gold business. They have a privileged position reserved on stage!

Keep abreast of the developments! The live broadcast from the Global Assembly 2016 Leaders Award Ceremony will start soon!

Join this fabulous golden celebration! The exact time of the broadcast will be posted on the official Global InterGold Facebook page.

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