Global Assembly 2016: company’s management addresses are happening right now!

The Global Assembly 2016 has started! Registration is over and now over 600 guests from every corner of the world have taken their seats to listen to the management's speeches.

What excellents news and novelties are they sharing with the attendees of the Global Assembly?

The Global Assembly has opened its doors and the fortunate attendees of this historic event are eagerly waiting to know all the news, novelties, and information the Global InterGold management is about to share with all them.

Costas Polemitis, Vice President for Global InterGold, is speaking about new business tools available that will open up new business opportunities for customers. Soon, George Fuzesi, Director of Development for Global InterGold, will inform the audience about innovations in the GoldSet marketing incentives program.

But that is not all! The Global InterGold management and the Global Leaders who will soon be invited to the stage will share great news and information at the Global Assembly. Don't miss out!

Do you want to see what is happening at a conference with your own eyes? Watch the live broadcast from the Global Assembly 2016! Get acquainted with all updates on the official Global InterGold Facebook page, where the exact time of the live broadcast will be posted!  

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