Get out of your Comfort Zone and become a leader!

Real leaders guide their own life before guiding others. They know what they are capable of, have removed their limits and can move with confidence towards their goals.

They can do so by getting out of their comfort zone. How can you do it?

First off, if comfort zone is such a nice place for us... Why get out?

Because that is how you grow.

Because it's in our nature to seek for adventure, to push the limits, to explore our own potential. That's how you build skyscrapers, that's how you reach the moon, that's how you take your business and that of thousands of people to SUCCESS.

And the only way to do so is to push yourself beyond where you feel comfortable.
How far can we get?

1st Comfort zone

Man is a creature of habit. We grow up and learn to do things by the book. By OUR book. We put our own limits and start believing there is nothing beyond and we aren't capable of anything else.

In this zone, we fall into some kind of coma from which we have to wake up if we want to achieve self-realization.

2nd Learning zone

People get here to widen their world view. Here you open your eyes, ears and mind to see, listen and learn. You travel, discover new cultures, new languages, new people, new habits. That is how you find out that your zone can reach unexpected limits. Or even better, no limits.

3rd Panic zone or Magic zone?

This zone is a cliff. The un-known. Here is where afraid people will only think: “but, what if I fall?”, while brave people will scream: “what if I fly?!”

In this place you find the biggest challenges. You take risks but you keep learning to overcome them. You face your fears, but find the motivation to get rid of them. You start seeing life from another point of view full of opportunities where you can choose your goal, your dream.

This is where you finally become the leader of your own life!

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