Global InterGold Japan: Tokyo welcomes the Global Tour 2016!

The time for Tokyo has come! There has been held the second event of the Global Tour 2016 in Asia.

Which have been the most unforgettable moments about the event? What essential news have been announced by the Director of Development for Global InterGold?

The Global Tour 2016 is a unique initiative of the company that has received broad suport by the customers. Each event of the Global Tour attracts hundreds of guests from all over the world.

Without a doubt it is an exclusive chance to visit exotic countries, get to know the latest news and most useful information about gold business development and meet people from different countries. And those customers who attended the Global InterGold event in Japan didn't miss that chance.

Gold businessmen arrived in Tokyo from various countries including Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan and Russia.

The first day of the conference took place in the magnificent hotel Mielparque Tokyo. The program was full of surprises from the very beginning: the conference started with Taiko dancing performers with accompaniment of drums. They created a special atmosphere and enchanted the public.

The Director of Development for Global InterGold took the floor afterwards and started the official part of the conference. He turned participants' attention to the opportunity to participate in the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition and the Global 100 contest.

The Director reminded that by participating in these contests, customers not only win valuable prizes, but also improve the development of their business and increase their income!

The second day of the Global InterGold conference in Japan was hosted in an even more luxurious place, the New Otani Hotel. The hotel welcomed more than 300 guests! What records will be beaten next? The Global Tour 2016 is already an impressive breakthrough for Japan.

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