From 0 to 100: Skyrocket your Business!

Going from any point to success is a 7-stage process. Will your goals take you to success? Are you setting your goals in the most effective way?

Absorbing and acting on this information will give your gold career a rock-assisted launch!

The dictionary defines “success” as “the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for”

Successful people know that. They know that success does not happen by default. And they know that achieving results requires a plan, and a plan requires goals.

There are 7 simple steps to set goals and make sure you are going where you want to arrive.

  1. You have to set your own goals in a clear-cut way. Though “I want to make a lot of money” sounds like a great one, it is too general to create a working plan. Having specific goals will help you take firm steps without wasting a second.
  2. If too big, goals could discourage you when encountering small problems. Split your big goals into small and easy-to-realize parts for every day. Small doses are key to overcome obstacles, and every tiny victory will motivate you to keep going forward!
  3. If you have goals, the best moment to work toward them is now. And no, it does not matter when you read this. Because there is no waiting for next Monday, for the 1st day of next month, or any magic of lucky day – there is a desire to reach your objectives and for that YOU STEP INTO ACTION NOW.
  4. Successful people have to be result oriented too. That means sharpening your skills day by day, becoming better at what you do. As well, as you have to be a good time manager by setting priorities every day.
  5. Become your own master. Make your own schedule every day, set goals for tomorrow and review the results you achieved yesterday. All doors open to self-disciplined people!
  6. Say your goals out loud every day and remind yourself that you are worthy of success. Self-motivation is key to being persistent everyday.
  7. Sharing your success is truly rewarding. But don't underestimate the importance of collaboration with and support of your loved ones and your team – sharing the tough moments creates unity and a more satisfactory feeling when the goal is achieved.
The way to success has ups and downs, surprises and obstacles, but there is no doubt that with Global InterGold you always enjoy the journey.

Keep moving forward and keep moving higher!

To succeed in the gold business, this video is a must-watch by a Global InterGold leader: 

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