Dear gold customers, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Check out your calendar whether you have any particular date pointed out, or an occasion planned for today.

Why? Today is St. Patrick's Day! Does it mean that you'll be lucky today?

Saint Patrick's Day: who, where and why?

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Despite having Irish roots, this day is celebrated in a diversity of countries including Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and others.

Who is Saint Patrick? He is the patron saint of Ireland and... Nigeria. Being of Irish origin, he did a lot for his mother land. But how is Nigeria associated with him? Irish preachers were involved in missionary work in this African country.

There aren't many records left about Saint Patrick and his story is veiled with myths and legends, but celebration traditions are preserved in many regions. For instance, in Ireland is celebrated on March 17th, in Japan parades and fairs are held in the course of March and in Malaysia there is an annual Ball to commemorate St. Patrick's Day.

Saint Patrick and gold traditions

One curious tradition about St. Patrick's Day is leprechauns' chasing. Who are they? Leprechauns are fictional chubby gnomes who live in caves and guard pots full of gold. Every leprechaun's mission is to hoard gold and craft footwear for other mythical creatures. But can you rely on superstition when it comes to real gold?

Real gold business

Gold has to bring profit. It's an asset that became popular long before the existence of St. Patrick and the legends of leprechauns. Throughout history, gold has yielded benefit to people who bought it.

The 21st century gives you many more opportunities to get profit from gold that those in times of St. Patrick.

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